Two new books

Two new books have just been published by the Radio Research Section in partnership with Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Collecting papers presented at the Radio Research Conference 2015 (Madrid, Spain), Trends in Radio Research. Diversity, innovation and policies was edited by Ignacio Gallego, Manuel Fernández-Sande and Nieves Limón. In the prologue, Peter Lewis acknowledges that “for many years, radio remained a private passion but suffered public and academic neglect”. But for the author, “this began to change”.

Organising a selection of papers presented at the Radio Research Conference 2017 (Lublin, Poland), Radio Relations. Policies and Aesthetics of the Medium was edited by Grazyna Stachyra, Tiziano Bonini and Madalena Oliveira, who introduce the book explaining its title: “Subtle but pervasive, simple but graceful, unpretentious but suggestive, radio is about creating affective relations – either between listeners and the world or between listeners themselves through the emotions suggested by the spoken word.”

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