Radio Research Section changes its name into Radio and Sound Section

At the business meeting of the Radio Research Section conference held in Siena in September 2019, it was decided to change the name of our section into Radio and Sound. The change was finally approved in 2020 by the Ecrea board. We took this decision because we believe that this section should expand to scholars who do not have radio as their main focus, but who are concerned with studying sound cultures, the political economy of audio and music industries and everyday practices around aural media. In this way we want to welcome all emerging studies from the field of podcast studies and new audio media industries and we welcome all those who will join this section. The hybrid media context in which we live and the growing importance of aural media in everyday life requires radio studies to open up to this emerging field of media studies.

The Radio and Sound Ecrea section board

Belen Monclus, Salvatore Scifo, Tiziano Bonini

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