Current coordination team

Madalena Oliveira (chair)


Madalena Oliveira is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences – University of Minho (Portugal). She was awarded a PhD in Communication Sciences in 2007. She teaches in the field of Semiotics and Radio Journalism and has been researching on sound and visual culture. She was the Principal Investigator of the project “NET Station: shaping radio for web environment” and coordinates the Working Group Radio and Audio Media at Sopcom, the Portuguese Association for Communication Sciences. She is also vice-president of this association.


Grazyna Stachyra (vice-chair)


Grażyna Stachyra is Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Political Science – at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (Poland). She was awarded a PhD in the field of Media Communication in 2006. She teaches in the field of media logopedics, new radio genres and creative voice emission. She has a long-time practice in various Polish radio stations as a journalist and the head of News Department. Also actively working as a NGO consultant in the field of social communication and media appearance.


Tiziano Bonini (vice-chair)


Tiziano Bonini holds a PhD in Media, Communication and Public Sphere at the University of Siena (2008), is a Lecturer in Media Studies at UNISI University of Siena. He has published extensively on radio and new media. His current research interests are the intersection between radio, Internet and social media; digital ethnography; public service media; production studies; media and democracy; freelance work in creative industries; digital free labour issues. He has done research for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on public radio and social media. Since 2005 he also works as a freelance radio producer.


Nele Heise (YECREA representative)


Nele Heise is Associated Researcher at the Hans-Bredow Institut (in Hamburg) and represents the Young Scholars of the Radio Research Section since October 2015. Her research interests are the digital media and online communication. She integrated the research team of the project “Die (Wieder-)Entdeckung des Publikums” (“The re-discover of the audience”).

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