Call for papers for LUGANO

The Radio Research Section invites researchers to submit a proposal for the ECREA 2018 Conference, which will be held in Lugano, Switzerland, from 31st October to 3rd November. The section’s call is published as follows:

Radio has always been peripheral in Communication Studies. Despite of its social relevance, radio and sound languages were neglected for long time. So, aware of the necessity to recentre some attention on the acoustic experience, Radio Research Section welcomes proposals focused not only on radio productions but more widely on sound-based media content. In tune with the conference theme, the section invites researchers to submit proposals discussing how sound may shape the interpretation of social and cultural life. Thus, papers could be situated in the following fields as they relate to radio and audio media: audience studies; community radio; audio content (programming and genre); audio narratives and acoustic language; radio identities; web and mobile platform content; digitisation; research methodologies; social networking and user-generated radio; innovation; sound art. Whole panel proposals are also welcome, although there will inevitably be pressure on the available timeslots in the programme.

For details on the submission process, please check 

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