Elections for the new management team

In Lugano, there will be elections for a new section’s management team. Members of the section management team are only allowed to serve for a maximum of six years. According to this rule, Madalena Oliveira and Grazyna Stachyra have to step down, as their six years will end in October 2018. It is, therefore, time to restart with new energies!

Under the section modus operandi, candidates for the section management team must stand for election as a team of three. That is, nominations can be accepted from teams of three section members who have each agreed to be proposed as a candidate for one of the posts: two Vice-Chairs and a Chair. Teams are elected for periods of two years, normally at the plenary ECC conference in even calendar years. This email is formal notification that our section management team elections will take place at the section business meeting to be held on 1st November 2018 (13h30-14h30) at the ECC2018 conference in Lugano.

Potential teams of three candidates can now express their interest in running for election to the positions of one Chair and two Vice-Chairs. In accordance with the modus operandi, teams should express their interest by sending an email NO LATER THAN SIX WEEKS BEFORE THE ELECTION (deadline by 20th September) to the current management team at one of the following email addresses:


If you think this role would suit you, please do not hesitate to write us. You are also very welcome to contact us with any questions you might have about the elections or the work of the management team.

You can find the section modus operandi here: http://ecrea-radioresearch.eu/about-us/modus-operandi/. And for more information on the section, please visit our section website: http://ecrea-radioresearch.eu/.

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