Call for papers for Special Issue of The Radio Journal on ECREA Radio conference – Siena 2019


We invite all the participants to the ECREA Radio Research conference in Siena to submit their full papers no later than October 30, 2019 to be selected for a special issue of The Radio Journal, edited by the ECREA Radio Research board, to be published in the first issue of 2020 (18:1).

CALL FOR PAPERS: Radio AS a social media

In the age of platformization of culture (Nieborg & Poell 2018) media is being turned into a digital platform and media audiences are being datafied and commodified. What is the role of radio within this new media ecosystem? Tim Wu (2011) showed how radio broadcasting too was eventually colonized by the ethos of profit, but along its history the radio medium has been able to partially escape its commodification and it has carved out a social role as a public service media and as a community/civic media, more open to audience interaction and participation than television and print media used to be. But, what does it mean to be a “social media” in the era of digital “social media”?

In a media ecosystem increasingly shaped by algorithms, radio is the only medium that still has a relevant analogue component, especially in the Global South and non-western areas of the world.

Building on Illich and his idea of “conviviality” (1973), we seek for papers reflecting on radio as a social/convivial tool, that address the issue of a social/convivial use of radio in the age of proprietary algorithms-driven journalism and music consumption.

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