Modus Operandi

1. Membership

Membership is open to any member of ECREA with a particular interest in radio research and also to all members of the International Radio Research Network (IREN).
To apply for membership please email or write to the Chair or Vice Chairs of the section or register at section events, including the business meetings of the section.
Provisional membership takes effect once this request has been processed by the Chair and Vice Chairs. Full membership takes effect when approved by a majority of existing members by vote at a business meeting.

2. Organisation

The day to day running of the section is the responsibility of the Section Management Team, consisting of the Chair and two Vice–Chairs. Most of this work shall be carried by
out by email and telephone.
The Chair and two Vice-Chairs are to be chosen by election every two years at an ECREA event or another event where the section can convene. The maximum term for any individual member of the Section Management Team is six consecutive years.
Notice of this election shall be given by email to all members of the section at least 3 months in advance.
Candidates who wish to stand for election should do so as a team and announce their intention to do so 6 weeks in advance of the election.
Votes by email or by proxy are to be facilitated where applied for at least two weeks before the election.
If it is not possible to hold an election at a business meeting then an election by email will be organised with the assistance and guidance of the Steering Committee of ECREA.
All ballots shall be conducted as secret ballots and a simple majority of votes is required.
A quorum for each election shall be determined by the Chair and Vice Chairs in each case and notice given of same at the time of the advertisement of the election.
The Chair and two Vice-Chairs are accountable for their decisions to the section business meeting and to the ECREA board.

3. Business meeting

The section business meeting is the primary decision making body in terms of decisions regarding the general direction of the section and determining current issues to be addressed by the section (with the limitation specified in 2.4).
Notice of a section business meeting shall be given at least three months in advance
Section business meetings shall be open to all members of the Radio Research Section.
Section business meetings shall be run at the same time and in the same city as major
ECREA events in so far as this is possible.
The section business meeting can modify the modus operandi and/or the mission statement.
The section business meeting cannot take decisions that go against the spirit or the general statutes of ECREA and the ECREA Board maintains the ultimate decision powers.

(Amended 14/10/10 at the Section business meeting, ECC10, Hamburg)

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